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This Week In Pendant episode 231!


This Week In Pendant - Two hundred and thirty-first episode!

A Pendant fan hath been met! By us! And if he ran away screaming, he was polite enough to wait until he was out of earshot to do so. Pendant's got the BEST fans! "The Kingery" is about to celebrate its fiftieth episode, and we need YOU to be part of the anniversary reel! But you've only got ONE DAY left to do so, so break out the microphones and get recording before Tommy sends Major to ask why you haven't sent in your tribute to the family. We've got casting call results for "Green Arrow: Shooting Star" and preview trailers for "Genesis Avalon" episode 24, "Superman: The Last Son of Krypton" issue 81, "Supergirl: Lost Daughter of Krypton" issue 53 and "The Kingery" episode 5x02, and Jack and Pete Milan discuss weariness, raspy throats and little bastards! Learn some secrets, won't you?

Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast! Now available exclusively at via the following links:

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Thanks for listening!

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