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This Week In Pendant episode 223!


This Week In Pendant - Two hundred and twenty-third episode!

Ok, Seekrit Projeckt Too is coming out THIS week. No really. Really maybe. Maybe kinda. Hopefully! "Kingery" merch hits the Pendant store, and there's no better way to look like you picked up a souvenir while visiting the premiere resort destination in Sector 88G. Do you have your "Genesis Avalon" hi-fi mp3s yet? If not, perhaps a delightfully charming and funny promo for them will spur you to action! Pendant is about to hit 900 total episodes, but no pressure or anything. We've got preview trailers for "The Line" episode 2x04, "Wonder Woman: Champion of Themyscira" issue 66, "Green Arrow: Shooting Star" issue 6, "Seminar" episode 40, "Genesis Avalon" episode 22, "Superman: The Last Son of Krypton" issue 79, "Supergirl: Lost Daughter of Krytpon" issue 51 and "The Kingery" episode 5x01! We've also got casting call results for "Seminar" and Jack and Geary McAllister discuss surprise scripts, best people and power! Hide yo cheese.

Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast! Now available exclusively at via the following links:

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Thanks for listening!


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