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This Week In Pendant episode 207!


This Week In Pendant - Two hundred and seventh episode!

It's back to the insanity you know (as opposed to the insanity you don't know from last week) as TWIP returns with a steaming hot pot of news to fill your Sunday morning mug. Clearly I need to drink from *my* mug a little more, because that was a mess. But I'm gonna leave it there, because the way I roll, that is. PBS gets a staffing change, the website gets some mega-stats and Seth Adam Sher gets a Wander Radio interview. That Statman's a mover and a shaker! "Insolitus" gets a CD-quality zip pack, the upcoming Pendant Picnic gets an itinerary swap (dates are still May 20-22! make your plans now!), the Kingery gets a new sixth writer on the staff and "The Line" experiences a slight delay. We've also got casting call results for "Supergirl: Lost Daughter of Krypton" and a preview trailer for "Star Trek: Defiant" episode 54! Kristen and Paul Brueggemann discuss PTFOing, mistresses and closets, and... no wait, I think that's it. I hope so. Hell if I know! I just work here.

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