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The Line, episode 2x05!


Original art by Dan Chon for Pendant Productions

The Line, Arc 2 - "I Put Away Childish Things"
Episode 5 - "Concero, Part I"

Amnesia and split personalities plague the town while Steph fights with Dee and Tom wrestles with his past!

"The Line" is a full-cast, fantasy maxi-series serial drama. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

Also available -- a commentary track with the writers and directors!

iTunes link:

Podcast feed:

Download link:

Featuring the voice talents of:

Tanja Milojevic as Stephanie Davies
Kristen Bays as Dee Lathang
Christopher Stadther as Thomas Davies
Kathryn Pryde as Kitty Shadow
Marleigh Norton as Cecile Davies
Pete Milan as Paul Davies
Michael Hudson as Bishop Francis
Colin Kelly as The Demon
Michael King as Father Jacob
Mindy Rast as Sister Agnes
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as the Figure in Black
Kim Gianopoulos as Doctor Amy Jones
Tom Stitzer as Phil Concannon
Bex as Nicole Gellar
and J.T. as Stan

Written by Chris Brittain and M Sieiro Garcia
Directed by Chris Brittain
Assistant Director Joel Rowan
Edited by Bernadette M. Groves

Opening Theme, �The Hunt�, composed by Kai Hartwig of
Additional Music from Jamendo at as follows:
Breathe Out (Froo froo Remix) from Acid Planet Collection by Sum1
Additional Music by Josh Woodward of as follows:
Can't Take Our Love Away from Crawford Street
Additional Music from Kevin McLeod at as follows:
Feather Waltz

Cover Art by Dan Chon
"The Line" created by Chris Brittain
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges</p>

Thanks for listening!

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